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I am an expert in the field of human trafficking, pornography, sex and porn addiction, and sexual education. I offer comprehensive courses for different target groups such as authorities, social and healthcare staff, students, and other interested individuals. My trainings provide a deep understanding of the phenemenoms, and provide practical strategies for addressing these issues. Through my trainings participants will gain an understanding of the latest research, and be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent and respond to these issues. 

My expertise is based on over 10 years of working experience in the grass root level with the victims of human trafficking as well as on my academic research work and publications. I am the founder of Vapauta Uhri ry and Room of Hope, which offer holistic support to the victims of trafficking. I am also one of the founders and a leading expert of Toivu riippuvuudesta-project, which offers peer support groups for sex and porn addicts and their partners.

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Newspaper article in Cyprus Mail about my work:

Newspaper article in Helsingin Sanomat about my work:

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Example projects

Pia Rendic is an experienced educator who has recently been involved in a range of innovative and impactful projects, such as providing training and lectures to NGOs, prison staff, authorities, and social and healthcare workers on the topics of gender based violence, human trafficking, porn addiction, sexual abuse, recognising a victim, and a trauma related approach.


Besides of that she is a leading educator in the field of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and trauma related approach. She has recently completed projects providing training videos for Church staff on these topics, helping promote awareness and understanding of the impact of such issues.


She has been also providing training and lectures for high school and university students, teachers, and principals for many years about the topics of healthy sexuality, sexual education, intimacy, and porn addiction.

Examples of the trainings I offer: 

  • Mechanisms and treatment of sex and pornography addiction

  • The dark side of the porn industry

  • The causes and forms of trafficking in human beings

  • Psychosocial aftercare for the victims of human trafficking

  • Sexual exploitation and harassment

  • Sexual education and healthy sexuality

  • How to create a better sexlife

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Pia Rendic

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