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Pia Rendic Therapy and Training Services

Pia Rendic is a Sexual therapist, PhD researcher, Author, Priest and Trainer offering therapeutic and training services to help you reach your highest potential. With her unique blend of compassion and expertise, allow Pia to be your guide to recovery, self-discovery and personal growth. 



Pia Rendic is an experienced Sexual therapist focusing in the areas of sex and porn addiction, sexual abuse and healthy relationships and intimacy.

I am passionate about providing a safe space for my clients to explore their mental, physical and emotional well-being. My approach is holistic, considering the mind and body connection and the individual’s family and marriage dynamics. I specialize in therapy for sex and porn addiction, infidelity, healthy sexuality, and sexual well-being. I provide my services online. I am currently based in the St. Gallen canton in Switzerland.


Read my personal interview in Finland's most read women's magazine:

PhD researcher and Trainer

Pia Rendic is an experienced researcher and trainer in the area of sexual behaviour, sex and porn addiction, and gender based violence.

I am a PhD researcher and trainer. My research and research-based books focuses on sexual behaviour, human trafficking, porn addiction, infidelity and sexual intimacy. My goal is to create evidence-based research to help inform the public, policy makers, and professionals in the field.

I am especially passionate about creating informative resources that support individuals who are struggling with issues such as sex and porn addiction, sexual intimacy, self-esteem, body image, and healthy relationships. My work has been featured in a number of publications and magazines, and I am committed to continuing to make meaningful contributions to the field. 

Read my interview related to human trafficking and my research in the popular women's weekly magazine:


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Pia Rendic has published six books

I am a writer, author, and public speaker whose work focuses on sex and porn addiction, healthy sexuality, sex positivity, gender based violence and the prevention of sexual violence. I have published six books, multiple articles, and columns on these topics. I am committed to educating people on sexual behaviour, human trafficking, pornography, and other forms of exploitation.

Through my writing, I hope to inspire and empower readers to make informed decisions about their sexuality and to stand up against sexual violence. I have dedicated my life to advocating for sexual health, safety, and justice for all.

More information about my books and writings in Finnish


Pia Rendic is a Lutheran Priest

I am an evangelical-lutheran priest. My experience as a priest has provided me with a perspective, which offers a unique blend of spiritual and psychological insights that cater to the holistic well-being of my clients. In the realm of mental health, it's increasingly recognized that spiritual beliefs and practices can play a pivotal role in an individual's healing and personal growth. By understanding the spiritual dimension, I can tap into a deeper layer of my clients' experiences, addressing not just the mind but also the soul and providing a comprehensive approach to healing. 

Read the newest newspaper article about my work as a priest and sexual therapist:


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At Pia Rendic therapy, I provide comprehensive therapy for individuals and couples to help them develop better relationships and a happier life. I specialize in sexual therapy and counseling, sex and porn addiction, and sex positivity, as well as sexual intimacy and sexual trauma. I believe in a holistic approach to healing, addressing the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of each individual. My goal is to empower my clients, helping them to create a better and brighter future.


St. Gallen


Tel: +41 79 636 3456

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